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Urbanscape: General Contractor Website Design in Saskatoon

Urbanscape, a Saskatoon general contractor, partnered with 306 Technologies to enhance online visibility and generate leads. Our goal was to create a website that would serve as a lead-generation tool, effectively showcasing Urbanscape's services and commitment to quality.

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The Challenge

Urbanscape, a prominent general contractor in Saskatoon, sought to collaborate with 306 Technologies to enhance their online presence and generate more leads. The task at hand presented several challenges. The first was to design a website that would not only distinguish itself in a competitive market but also act as an effective lead-generation tool. Urbanscape needed a platform that would effectively showcase their services, mirror their commitment to quality, and engage potential clients.

Additionally, the website had to be optimized for search engines to maximize visibility and reach. This was crucial as a well-optimized website would increase Urbanscape's chances of being found by potential clients searching for general contractors in Saskatoon. The challenge was to ensure that the website was not only visually appealing and user-friendly but also technically sound and SEO-friendly.

The Solution

Leveraging our expertise in web design and SEO, 306 Technologies embarked on the task. We began by understanding Urbanscape's unique needs, goals, and target audience. Our team focused on creating a design that would highlight the quality of Urbanscape's services and resonate with potential clients. The website was designed to be both visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors.

We integrated lead generation strategies into the design, including clear calls-to-action, contact forms, and engaging content that would inspire visitors to take the next step. We also created a portfolio section to showcase Urbanscape's past projects, allowing potential clients to see the quality of their work firsthand.

In terms of SEO, we conducted thorough keyword research and optimized the website's content, meta tags, and structure to improve its visibility on search engines. We also ensured the website was mobile-friendly and fast-loading, as these factors significantly impact SEO.

Furthermore, 306 Technologies provided ongoing website maintenance and hosting services. This ensured the website remained up-to-date, secure, and functional, providing a consistent and reliable experience for visitors.

The Result

The result was a modern, optimized website that effectively showcased Urbanscape's services and served as a powerful lead-generation tool. The website's engaging design, combined with its SEO-optimized content, led to increased traffic and improved search engine rankings. This, in turn, resulted in a significant increase in leads.

The integrated lead generation strategies made it easy for visitors to get in touch with Urbanscape, resulting in a higher conversion rate. The portfolio section was particularly effective, with many clients citing it as a deciding factor in choosing Urbanscape for their projects.

The ongoing website maintenance and hosting services provided by 306 Technologies ensured the website remained at peak performance, further contributing to its success.


This project showcases 306 Technologies' expertise in web design, SEO, and website maintenance and hosting. We are proud to have assisted Urbanscape in achieving their online goals and look forward to supporting their continued success.

The Urbanscape project is a testament to our commitment to delivering comprehensive web solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. We believe in creating websites that are not just visually appealing but also serve as effective marketing tools, driving leads and contributing to our clients' growth.

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